Francis MacDougall is one of the co-founders of the company and drives GestureTek’s technology strategies, leading the company’s development and production teams, as well as all patenting and licensing activities. Francis developed and patented the company’s core single camera gesture control technologies and led the creation of the application development engine, scripting language, and numerous other applications.

Name:Francis MacDougall
Title:Chief Technology Officer and

Prior to his work with GestureTek, Francis utilized his software architecture, systems design, and project leadership skills in development projects for IBM, Bell Northern Research, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and Litton Aerospace. For McDonnell Douglas, he led the development effort for the prototype multi-processor based Heads-Up Display system used on the LHX helicopter, the upgrade to the Apache that was successfully deployed in the 1991 Gulf Crisis. Francis is a specialist in real-time system design and has experience spanning low level embedded architectures incorporating ASIC and DSP solutions, communication systems design, network audio/video transport, image processing and computer vision, as well as high level implementations under consumer and professional architectures, including the Windows series and several UNIX variants.

GestureTek company holds the various patents of video gesture control technology. GestureTek has a vast line of Products like.

  • GestureFX© Product Line
  • GroundFX©
  • WallFX©
  • ScreenFX©
  • TableFX©
  • Cube© v5
  • ScreenXtreme©
  • GestureXtreme©
  • GestTrack3D©

and many more in multi-touch product line.

ATIS is a organisation with vast objectives in improvement of Technology for the business. In 2007 ATIS was mostly focused on the development of 3g internet for the faster connectivity.

Francis is a creative force in technology and product development and excels at finding the rapid path to creating marketable solutions for consumer requirements.

He holds a degree in mathematics from the University of Waterloo, where he majored in Computer Science.

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