ATIS TechThink was holding conference in 2006 and 2007 on the advancement of the Technology. Their main agenda at that time was to make significant advancement in Communication and entertainment technology. ATIS used to line up different CTO’s and Senior Executives at that time to increase the understanding of the Technology and Business Considerations. In 2007 June 19-20 ATIS held a conference in Chicago in conjunction with NXTcomm 2007. In this Conference the main Agenda was Future of Entertainment Technology.

ATIS TechThink or Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions brings global Tech leaders to advance the industry’s business priorities. The significant speakers were the CTO’s from AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, British Telecom and ATIS President and CEO Susan Miller

Featured Speaker

Name:Paul Fahn Ph.D.
Title:Alliance Manager
Company:Samsung Electronics

Since joining Samsung Electronics five years ago, Paul Fahn, Ph.D. has been involved in a wide variety of projects related to the delivery and in-home sharing of digital media. Recently, his work in bringing new technologies to market acceptance has been focused on new models of home networking, with content protection, to allow consumer electronics to work seamlessly with new content delivery networks. Prior to joining Samsung, Dr. Fahn worked in the wireless telecom industry in both R&D and market development roles.

Paul Fahn has completed his Doctorate from Stanford University and pursued his Master’s degree from Columbia University. He was part of various very important projects like NSM(Next- generation Secure Memory) which is a joint venture between Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba. It is already launched in Japan and waiting to be launched in Britain and USA.

LinkedIn Profile of Paul Fahn is here.

More about Paul Fahn

Mentor and Senior Advisor, Early Stage Startup,
Co-Founder, Agreemint
Director, Digital Media Technologies at Samsung Electronics (Mountain View, California)
Director and Board Member, Joint Ventures and Industry Consortia

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