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Scroll down to view the ATIS TechThink 2008 speaker line-up.

Transforming the Network...Transforming the Experience Keynote Session
Tuesday, June 17, 2008 from 9:15-10:00 am
Chris Rice, EVP Shared Services, AT&T
Mark A. Wegleitner, SVP Technology, Verizon
Pieter Poll, CTO, Qwest
Moderator: Susan M. Miller, President & CEO, ATIS

Please check back soon for a video clip of the ATIS Keynote Panel entitled, “Transforming the Network . . . Transforming the Experience,” which kicked off the TechThink conference.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
1:00 - 2:15 pm Speakers
B1: IPTV Implemented and Deployed - NOW WHAT?

Moderator: Danny Briere, CEO, Telechoice, Inc.
Panelists: Andy Addis,
Executive Vice President, Marketing, Hillcrest Labs
Edwin Lau,
Group Product Manager, TV Business, Microsoft Corporation
Francis MacDougall, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, GestureTek

T1: Service Providers and Content Providers Talk the Digital Rights Management Language

Moderator: Dom Stasi, CTO, TVN Entertainment
Dan O'Callaghan, Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Verizon
Robin Wilson, Vice President of Business Development, Nagravision
Matt Cannard, Vice President Marketing Widevine Technologies, Inc.
Bethany Gorfine, President and CEO, Federal Hill Communications
Jim Williams, Senior Vice President and CTO, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

B4: Full-Scale Convergence: What does it look like and how do we get there?

Moderator: Paula Bernier, Editor-in-Chief, xchange Magazine
Panelists: Paul Mankiewich
, CTO North America, Alcatel-Lucent
Fred Kemmerer
Steve Zimba, Managing Director, Global Telecom Business, Microsoft Corporation
Jim Orr, Principal Network Architect, Wireless Market Development Group, Fujitsu Network Communications

T4: The Service Delivery Platform: Innovation in Offering Next-Gen Services with IMS, SOA and Web 2.0

Moderator: Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO, TELUS Communications Inc.
: Richard Cornetti,
Director of Product Marketing, Spirent Communications
Cindy Mills,
Managing Principal, Global Practice for Communications Applications, Alcatel-Lucent
Andrew White
, Director, Next Generation Network Architecture, Qwest Communications
Dr. Brenda Connor, Portfolio Manager, Service Creation, Delivery, and Management, Ericsson, Inc.

2:30 - 3:45 pm  
B2: Changing IPTV Business Models: What Happens to Real Time Programming and Advertising in a "Tivo World?" Moderator: Danny Briere, CEO, Telechoice, Inc.
Panelists: Tim Schmidt, Executive Director, Technology Strategy & Analysis, Verizon Network and Technology
Paul Fahn, Alliance Manager, Samsung Electronics
Brian Ring, Senior Director of Business Development - Broadband Television Business Unit, TANDBERG Television, Part of the Ericsson Group
T2: IPTV QoS and QoE - Service Differentiator in the Battleground of Competition Moderator: Steven Hawley, Senior IPTV Analyst, Multimedia Research Group Inc.
: Ralph Bachofen,
Senior Director, Product Marketing and Management, Triveni Digital - An LG Electronics Company
Dr. Alan Clark, CEO, Telchemy, Inc.
Paul Connolly, Vice President Business Development, Cisco, Service Provider Video Technology Group
Dr. Gowri Krishna, Vice President, Network Design and Engineering Competencies and Solutions Unit, Tech Mahindra
Paul Coverdale, Senior Consultant, Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
B5: The Road to Network Convergence

Moderator: Susan Schramm, Head of North America Marketing, Nokia Siemens Networks
Panelists: Fred Kremmerer
James Glover, Senior Product Manager, Redback Networks
Ron Raffensperger, Director, Core Network Marketing, Huawei Technologies Co., LTD
Jonathan Hindle, Director, Mobile Service Provider Marketing, Cisco

T5: Open Source - Innovation for Converged Services Moderator: Sean Buckley, Editor-in-Chief, Telecommunications Magazine
: Maria Pardee,
President, Global Integration for BT Design
Mark Spencer, Founder and CTO, Digium®, Inc.
Rakesh Radhakrishnan
, Senior Principal IT Architect, Sun Microsystems
4:00 - 5:15 pm
B3: The Reality of IPTV Deployment - The Successes, The Challenges, and Taking it to The Next Level Moderator: Sarah Reedy, Associate News Editor, Telephony Magazine
: David Foote
, CTO, Hitachi
Steve Murray, Vice President, Product Management, Redback Networks
Jonathan Hurd, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Company
Richard Brand, Director of IPTV Solutions Architecture and Applications, Nortel Networks
T3: IPTV Building Blocks: Back Office Support - Ordering, Billing, Provisioning, Customer Care - Are We There?

Moderator: Tim McElligott, Editor in Chief, Billing & OSS World Magazine
Panelists: Sean Yarborough
, Director of Strategy and Field Solutions, Spirent Communications
Laurie Spiegel
, Director of Product Marketing, Telcordia Fulfillment Solution, Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
Michael Alexander, Global Architect for Service Delivery Platform, IBM
Jim McEachern, Vice President, The MultiService Forum

B6: Capitalizing on Existing Networks to Deliver the Converged Services of Today Moderator: David Waite, Director, Altman Vilandrie & Company
Panelists: J.S. MacLeod, Principal Vice President & CTO, Bechtel Communications, Inc.
Kevin Sheehan, CEO, Hatteras Networks, Inc.
Sarvesh Sharma, Director – Network Solutions, CTO Office, Huawei USA
William L. (Lonnie) Martin III, CEO, Aktino
T6: Securing Your Converged Network Moderator: Hakan Millroth, CEO, Tail-f Systems
: Steven Teitzel
, Global Solutions Executive, IBM Global Telecommunications Industry
Seamus Hourihan, Vice President, Marketing & Product Management, Acme Packet
Michael Frendo, Senior Vice President, High-End Security Systems Business Unit, Juniper Networks
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
1:00 - 2:15 pm
B7: Capitalizing the Home Network: Is there a viable business case?

Moderator: Patrick Hurley, Director of Research, Telechoice, Inc.
Panelists: Peter Linder, Director End-to-End Network Solutions, Business Unit Networks, Ericsson Inc.
Bill DeMuth, Vice President - Chief Technology Officer, SureWest Communications
Bob McIntyre, Chief Technology Officer, Service Provider Group, Cisco

T7: As Easy as 1-2-3: Can we Achieve True Plug-and-Play?

Moderator: Brian Henrichs, Vice President Business Development, Teleco Division, Actiontec Electronics, Inc.
Panelists: Brad Kayton, COO, 4HomeMedia, Inc.
Natasha Tamaskar, Vice President Product Management and Marketing, NextPoint Networks
Dr. Ken Morse, Vice President, Client Architecture, Service Provider Video Technology Group, Cisco
Travis Leo, Director, High Speed Internet Product Management, Qwest Communications

2:30 - 3:45 pm
B8: Enhancing the Consumers Life Style: The Home Network will Change How we Live Moderator: Patrick Hurley, Director of Research, Telechoice, Inc.
Panelists: Nandhu Nandhakumar, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology, LG Electronics
Donna Campbell, Executive Director, Ericsson Mobility World, Ericsson, Inc.
Tushar Saxena, Director, Home Networking Technology, Verizon Communications
Jim Strothmann,
Director, Product Strategy and Management, Service Provider Video Technology Group, Cisco
T8: Minimizing Cost in Managing Home Networks: Enabling the Virtual Truck-Roll

Moderator: Gene Lew, Vice President of Products and Strategy, Integra5
: Mowaffak Midani, Senior Manager, Network Solutions Architecture, Broadband Solutions Group, Home and Networks Mobility, Motorola, Inc.
Peder Ulander, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, PureNetworks
Jaime Fink, Vice President Technology and Strategy, 2Wire, Inc.

4:00 - 5:15 pm
B9: Many Options: What Device will be the Command Center of the Home Network?

Moderator: Brad Kayton, COO, 4HomeMedia, Inc.
Panelists: John Yoon, Vice President of Marketing, Control4
Jeff Crews, Former General Manager, Home Monitoring & Control Services, Bell Canada
Martin Manniche, CTO - Connected Home, Linksys - A Division of Cisco
Ken Haase, Senior Director Product Line Management, Broadband Solutions Group, Home and Networks Mobility, Motorola, Inc.

T9: Provisioning the Home Network: Untangling the Wire Moderator: Sean Yarborough, Director of Strategy and Field Solutions, Spirent Communications
: Mowaffak Midani, Senior Manager, Network Solutions Architecture, Broadband Solutions Group, Home and Networks Mobility, Motorola, Inc.
Christoph Inauen, Head of Network Solutions, North America, Nokia Siemens Networks
Adam Powers, Principal Engineer and Architect, Embedded Solutions Business Unit, Macrovision







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