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Steve Murray
Vice President
Product Management

Redback Networks


Steve is responsible for all SmartEdge, NetOp Policy Manager, and NetOp Element Manager Products. Steve has been in product management roles as Sr. Product Manager and Director of Product Management for over eight years at Redback Networks and before at Siara Systems. Siara Systems was acquired by Redback Networks in 2000 and was the source of both the SmartEdge and the NetOp products. Steve was the first product manager at Siara Systems and was instrumental in the creation of both SmartEdge and NetOp product lines.

Steve comes to this position with over 20 years of industry experience in Telecommunications and Data Networking. He started his career with Tymnet, one of the first wide area packet switching networks in the world, where he was involved in the development and support of the packet switching software. Steve later transitioned to roles in network architecture, network planning, and vendor evaluation for MCI, Worldcom, British Telecom, and MFS with a specific focus in Frame Relay, ATM, and Internet Exchange point technologies.

Steve has a BA in Computer Science from the University of California Santa Barbara.










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