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Dr. Ken Morse
Vice President, Client Architecture
Service Provider Video Technology Group

During the more than 25 years Dr. Ken Morse has been involved in software development, he has co-founded four companies. In his current role as Vice President, Client Architectures in Cisco’s Service Provider Video Technology Group, Ken is responsible for ensuring that the company maintains its digital video solutions leadership position by driving the architecture and direction of digital set-top platforms.

Prior to joining Scientific Atlanta, Ken was a founder and the CTO of PowerTV, Inc. Here he and his team, along with their set-top partners, brought the first IP-based digital interactive television system to the mass market, providing the software platform and services for over 30 million digital interactive set-tops in North America today.

Prior to working at PowerTV, he was a member of the team that developed the first Hardware Reference Platform for Multi-media consumer electronics devices at Kaleida Labs, an Apple- IBM joint venture. He was also a founder of Ultra Digital Systems and MTL where he developed DSP Development systems and was involved in the early video compression schemes for PC multi-media applications in the late 1980s.

Ken’s first foray into business was in 1981 when he received a Commodore Vic-20 and founded a company offering fast loaders and encryption schemes to the software duplicating industry.

He attended the University of Liverpool and holds a Ph.D in Electronic Engineering and a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering. He is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Association for Computing Machinery, and the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers.








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