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Jake MacLeod
Principal Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer
Bechtel Communications, Inc.

Jake joined Bechtel in May 2000, and manages Bechtel’s expanding communications engineering services to include all aspects of design from Network Planning to Optimization.  Jake initiated and developed Bechtel’s RF and Network Planning team, which grew to over 150 world-class engineers. He designed and developed Bechtel’s state of the art telecoms laboratories to provide clients with applied research and development services. 

Jake’s technology teams developed the Virtual Survey Tool, an automated network-planning tool, and his labs are currently working with global wireless equipment manufacturers in the analysis and characterization of UMTS, HSDPA, Node B Hotels, WiMAX, and Intuitive Networks.  Under Jake’s direction, the labs produce two issues per annum of the Bechtel Communications Technical Journal, an authoritative technical publication focused on operations issues. The Labs also host bi-annual global technology debates focused on the pros and cons of the most advanced telecommunications technologies.

Jake has held management and executive management positions with Southwestern Bell, NovAtel ( Calgary), NovAtel ( Atlanta), Western Communications, and West Central Cellular.  Most recently he spent 9 years with Hughes Network Systems (HNS) where he was instrumental in establishing their cellular division. He designed and established cellular and WLL systems in areas ranging from central Russia to Indonesia as well as 57 markets in the US.

Jake provides an average of 6 to 8 keynote and technology based presentations per year at industry conferences. Jake holds a BS degree from the University of Texas in Austin.









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