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Patrick Hurley
Director of Research
TeleChoice, Inc.

As a Director of Research at TeleChoice, Pat Hurley is one of the industry’s foremost analysts in the field of broadband access technologies, home networking and broadband edge applications and services. Using his extensive knowledge of this market, Pat has been instrumental in TeleChoice’s consulting engagements with numerous broadband service providers and equipment vendors. He helps clients to hone their market strategies, understand the dynamics of the residential, business and mobile broadband markets, and effectively market their products through such methods as seminar series, marketing communications plans, business cases, and product marketing guides.

Pat is co-author of a range of titles for John Wiley & Sons' popular ...For Dummies series, including: Wireless Home Networking for Dummies (in its third edition), Wireless Hacks and Mods for Dummies, Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 PCs for Dummies, Home Theater for Dummies, HDTV for Dummies, Smart Homes for Dummies (now in its third edition), and two editions of Internet Telephony for Dummies. Additionally, he has also contributed to many industry publications, including Network World, Telephony and others. He is also the editor of TeleChoice’s Web publication devoted to motion controlled applications ( and previously lead TeleChoice’s DSL print and Web publications.

Pat initially joined TeleChoice in 1986 on a college summer internship program and returned to the telecommunications industry in 1993 after serving as a US Navy officer. As a freelance writer and analyst, he worked closely with TeleChoice on many projects before joining the company full time in September 1998. A graduate of Duke University, Pat earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Studies with a concentration in Telecommunications Policy







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