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Brian Henrichs
Vice President of Business Development
Teleco Division
Actiontec Electronics, Inc.

Prior to joining Actiontec, Henrichs had over 25 years of telecommunications experience with a strong focus on consumer premises equipment. He served as Director of CPE Marketing and Engineering for Teltrend Inc. before it was acquired by Westell, joined Westell as an engineering supervisor in 1993 ,and rose to become Vice President and General Manager of Broadband CPE in 1999. He later served as Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development for General Bandwidth (now GenBand) and Chief Technology Officer for HyperEdge Corporation (now part of Westell). Henrichs has also launched many interoperability and standardization initiatives, helped found and served as the first technical working group chair of the DSL Forum, authored several articles on telecommunications topics, and been a speaker at industry forums and conferences. He holds a BSEET degree from DeVry Institute of Technology and an MBA degree in operations and technology management from Illinois Institute of Technology.








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