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David Foote
Chief Technology Officer
Hitachi Telecom USA

Mr. Foote is the Chief Technology Officer for Hitachi Telecom USA. He is currently responsible for strategic product planning, technology strategy, and technical marketing of fiber access, optical transport, data switching, home networking and cellular systems. He has been instrumental in establishing Hitachi’s network systems business with major North American telecommunications carriers like Sprint, Time Warner, Rocester Tel/Global Crossing, and Norlight. Mr. Foote has been a member, contributor, and committee chairman in leading standards organizations such as ATIS, IETF, OIF, IEEE 802, ANSI T1, and the ATM Forum. He is an invited speaker and paper author to various industry conferences and symposiums. Before joining Hitachi, he served as a decorated communications engineering officer in the U.S. Air Force responsible for network design and implementation of various secure telecom and packet data networks including ARPAnet/MILnet.

Mr. Foote received a B.S.E.E. from Georgia Tech in 1980 and a M.S. degree in Management from Webster University/Air Force Institute of Technology in 1982.









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