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Michael Alexander
Global Architect for Service Delivery Platform

Michael Alexander is a Executive IBM architect with over 35 years of systems development experience in all aspects of the information technology business. Currently, Mr. Alexander is a Telecom Solution Executive and Global architect for Service Delivery Platform (SDP). He consults to clients globally as a NGN Telco Subject Matter Expert(SME) and the technical leader in the area of VoIP, IPTV, Content Services and Messaging solutions. He was previously the IT-Architect Profession Executive and Enterprise Architecture Practice Lead for Business Innovation Services, Australia/New Zealand. He is especially fluent in most major hardware system platforms, and particularly experienced in the development of end-user solutions using both commercially available products and custom development for clients in a broad range of industries, including telecommunications and media, entertainment, transportation, finance, distribution and government. Specific expertise includes:Vertical Market Solutions, Database Management Systems and Principles, Systems Integration, Software Engineering (Principles, Techniques, Tools, and Environments), Program Management, Software Productivity, Strategic Business Planning, Network Systems Engineering and Life Cycle Management.








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