T8: Minimizing Cost in Managing the Home Network: Enabling the Virtual Truck-Roll
2:30-3:45 PM
Room S220

The increasing number of entertainment options, video services and consumer devices within the home has made connecting all these systems more complex than ever. Where does the home network begin and where does it end? Whose responsibility is it to diagnose, monitor and/or troubleshoot the home network in order to ensure a quality user service and experience – the service provider or do-it-yourself installer/consumer? More times than not, the consumer calls the service provider when problems occur, so how can service providers effectively manage the home network while minimizing costly truck-rolls? Panelists include executives from service providers and leading equipment vendors who will offer their perspective on both the virtual “tool-box” required to manage the home network as well as the challenges facing the industry as the home network becomes more complex.

Moderator: Gene Lew
Vice President Products and Strategy

Panelists: Mowaffak Midani
Senior Manager
Network Solutions Architecture

Peder Ulander
Vice President of Product Strategy
Pure Networks

Jaime Fink
Vice President Technology and Strategy
2Wire, Inc.