T2: IPTV QoS and QoE – Service Differentiator in The Battleground of Competition
2:30-3:45 PM
Room S221

IPTV Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) are becoming a battlefield for competition -- a service differentiator. IPTV services seek to tightly manage performance to ensure a superior entertainment experience resulting in a compelling business environment for content providers and advertisers, while customers ultimately choose based on the quality of their overall experience, QoS and QoE. What QoS metrics are required to ensure this superior performance is provided and maintained? How can QoS and QoE be maintained at current levels in a cost effective way? What challenges are presented by a world where the consumer will have greater control in the home delivery of IPTV? How will these challenges be overcome? This ATIS TechThink panel will discuss the winning propositions for QoS and QoE.

Moderator: Steven Hawley
Senior IPTV Analyst
Multimedia Research Group Inc.

Panelists: Ralph Bachofen
Senior Director
Product Marketing & Management
Triveni Digital – An LG Electronics Company

Alan Clark
Chief Executive Officer
Telchemy, Inc.

Paul Connolly
Vice President, Business Development
Service Provider Video Technology Group

Dr. Gowri Krishna
Vice President
Network Design and Engineering Competencies and Solutions Unit
Tech Mahindra

Paul Coverdale
Senior Consultant
Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd