T1: Service Providers and Content Providers Talk The Digital Rights Management Language
1:00-2:15 PM
Room S221

Content is a key piece of the over all success formula for IPTV. As the IPTV marketplace announces the arrival of new service provider/content provider relationships every day, delivering high profile television, movies, sports, gaming, etc., how that content management becomes vital to these relationships. What we know is that service providers and content providers are talking, but are they speaking the same language on Digital Rights Management (DRM)? How can content be protected in a world where architectures vary significantly from cable? Can content provider requirements be defined in a way to support standardized architectures? Will the same DRM work in a converged world where content is handed off to mobile devices? Will it work in a shrinking world where content transits the world? This ATIS Techthink panel will explore the "vocabulary" of the service providers and the content providers on DRM.

Moderator: Dom Stasi
TVN Entertainment

Panelists: Dan O'Callaghan
Principal Member of the Technical Staff

Robin Wilson
Vice President of Business Development

Matt Cannard
Vice President of Marketing
Widevine Technologies, Inc.

Bethany Gorfine
President and CEO
Federal Hill Communications

Jim Williams
Senior Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer
Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.