B6: Capitalizing on Existing Networks to Deliver The Converged Services of Today
4:00-5:15 PM
Room S220

Today’s market and consumer demands are driving the introduction of “convergence-like” services and applications. At the same time, taking the steps to achieve full–scale convergence and deliver the innovative services that it will afford is underway. Exactly what services are consumers demanding?  How are these services delivered and managed  today within the existing network infrastructure? This session will share first-hand insights and experiences from the service providers offering these converged services today. It will lay the ground work for the session to follow on what full-scale convergence will look like tomorrow -- both the emerging technologies that will invite the arrival of the future and the services that will be offered in response to ever-growing consumer demand. 

: David Waite
Altman Vilandrie & Company

Panelists : J.S. (Jake) MacLeod
Chief Technology Officer
Bechtel Communications, Inc.

Kevin Sheehan
Hatteras Networks

Sarvesh Sharma
Director – Network Solutions
CTO Office
Huawei USA

William L. (Lonnie) Martin
Chief Executive Officer