B4: Full-Scale Convergence: What Does it Look Like and How Do We Get There?
1:00 - 2:15 PM
Room S220

Femtocell, WiMAX, WCDMA, the Networked Car - each of these technologies has made its debut, demanding attention by delivering connectivity in new ways and in new spaces. How will each of these emerging technologies afford full-scale converged service offerings? And what will those services be? From home base stations, to metropolitan networks, to the drive to work, what opportunities arise from consumers being continually connected and on the move? What are the business models that make these technologies and the services they support attractive? Are we, as an industry, ready to change the way we think about all of this and respond to the new ways consumers are behaving and what they want. Learn from the industry’s leading technology futurists, vendors and innovators as they offer their views on what the future holds for services delivered any time, anywhere, via any access technology.

Moderator : Paula Bernier
xchange Magazine

Panelists: Paul Mankiewich
Chief Technology Officer, North America

Fred Kemmerer
Chief Technology Officer

Steve Zimba
Managing Director, Global Telecom Business
Microsoft Corporation 

Jim Orr
Principal Network Architect
Wireless Market Development Group
Fujitsu Network Communications