B3: The Reality of IPTV Deployments – The Successes, The Challenges, and Taking it to The Next Level
4:00-5:15 PM
Room S222

With over eight million subscribers worldwide, deployments more than doubling on an annual basis and projections by 2011 at 55 million IPTV subscribers worldwide, IPTV service has a real foothold in the market. We are beyond a number of the initial technology selections and key implementation challenges. There have been a lot of choices made and a lot of lessons learned – both for the large and small service providers. This ATIS TechThink panel will share the lessons from deployment – the technology and system decisions, the experience in the field, and the consumer feedback. What has worked? What are the plans for moving to a converged network and the responding to a swiftly changing market and consumer demands for more interactive services?

Moderator: Sarah Reedy
Associate News Editor
Telephony Magazine

Panelists: Steve Murray
Vice President
Product Management
Redback Networks

David Foote
Chief Technology Officer
Hitachi Telecom

Jonathan Hurd
Altman Vilandrie & Company

Richard Brand
IPTV Solutions Architecture and Applications
Nortel Networks