B2: Changing IPTV Business Models: What Happens to Real Time Programming and Advertising in a “TiVo World?”
2:30-3:45 PM
Room S222

Today, consumers are taking control of their television experience. They want to personalize it. They want an interactive experience that is ttransferable to other devices and on-demand. There is less of an interest in real-time programming. Couple this slow extinction of real time programming with the impact of changing consumer behavior will have on advertising and its revenue stream, and we face the need for a brave new day requiring fresh business models. Where will the personalized, interactive trend of IPTV lead? What are the impacts on advertising and how must its business model change? How will service providers ensure that advertising reaches the targeted audience? This ATIS TechThink panel will take on these challenging questions and discuss the range of paths forward.

Moderator : Danny Briere
Telechoice, Inc.

Panelists: Tim Schmidt
Executive Director
Technology & Service Requirements

Paul Fahn
Alliance Manager
Samsung Electronics

Brian Ring
Senior Director of Business Development
Broadband Television Business Unit
TANDBERG Television, Part of the Ericsson Group