B1: IPTV Implemented and Deployed – NOW WHAT?
1:00-2:15 PM
Room S222

IPTV is deployed. It is competing with cable and satellite. It is capturing the market share of end-user television and video entertainment services that has been the mainstay of these competitive businesses for years. The technical questions of how service providers and the industry are grooming and advancing IPTV technology beyond the initial deployment phase – the architecture, interoperability and network requirements -- are more of a backdrop than a driver. Now, it is a matter of how to gain an even greater piece of the market share and grow the average revenues per user.

This ATIS Techthink session will focus on what’s next for increasing these numbers. What are the “gee whiz” features and functionalities that will tempt the consumer, capture and keep them – interactive gaming, video sharing, social networking? And what does the content strategy need to be? How will companies respond?

Moderator: Danny Briere
Chief Executive Officer
Telechoice, Inc.

Panelists: Andy Addis
Executive Vice President
Hillcrest Labs

Edwin Lau
Group Product Manager
TV Business
Microsoft Corporation

Francis MacDougall
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder